The Central On-Line Security

No Hassle Warranty


We have tried to make this as easy as possible for our families.  When you have a monitoring contract with Central On-Line Security, your warranty covers almost everything that can go wrong.  There are a few exceptions to this:

  • Vandalism, Burglary, or Fire  -  In any of these 3 events, your Homeowners Insurance will likely take care of any replacement costs.
  • Batteries  -  Other than issue from factory.
  • Remodeling and Renovation  -  If you need items moved or re-installed.
  • Negligence, Misuse, Damaged caused by others attempting to repair
  • Warranty Service to be performed during normal business hours  -  Outside normal hours will be charged for service, but not for parts.
  • No Trip Charge within the Amarillo Metropolitan area
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