"The Perimeter Plus"

This package should be enough to contact all perimeter openings on most homes.  If you need more contacts they can certainly be purchased with points or for a nominal fee.  This package was designed to meet the Texas Department of Insurance requirements of a security system.

Package Includes:

CP21  New 2GIG CP21 Control Panel

doorcontact   3 Door Contacts

motion   1 PIR Motion Detector

remote   1 4 Button Keyfob Remote

glassbreak  4 Glassbreaks    ORDoorUp to 9 additional Door/Window Contacts


  cellular  Digital Cellular Communicator - No Phone lines that can be cut!


 homecontrol  HomeControl Compatible with Android and iPhone


2 Yard Signs  -  Window Stickers  -  2 Points  -  No Hassle Lifetime* Warranty  -  Text and Email Alerts

$199 Activation Fee  -  $54.95/36 months with ACH

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